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Project Design Engineer - Force Support Services

We are:
• Force Support Services, an innovative engineering company that is growing rapidly.
We produce:
• Solutions for the support and seismic bracing of non-structural components. Our value engineered seismic bracing reduces installation inefficiencies while satisfying the latest code requirements.
We value:
• Engineers with out-going personalities, who enjoy working in a fast-paced yet flexible work environment with huge potential for personal growth

Our Engineering Services:
• Support/bracing material supply and design for both new and retrofit projects.

At Force Support Services you will:
• Do Seismic and wind force calculations (non-buildings)
• Design piping and duct support systems per code requirements and industry standards
• Be able to provide technical support for innovative mechanical products
• Complete equipment vibration isolation designs
• Design steel frames and manage fabrication logistics
• Complete concrete anchor attachment design
• Be a project management whiz

You will be effective if you:
• Have a B.S. in Mechanical, Industrial, or Civil Engineering

Employer's Email Address:

Open Committee Chair for San Jose ASHRAE Chapter


Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Chair (CTTC)

Job Summary

Provides efficient and effective transfer of current and relevant information throughout the HVAC&R industry to and from the Chapters. CTTC develops and maintains high quality and readily available tools to enable Chapters to offer information and attractive industry-related information and programs to all segments within the HVAC&R industry. CTTC reports to the Members Council.


  • This committee reports to Members Council.
  • Identify and develop resources for programs and technical sessions for chapter use.
  • Coordinate dissemination of technical and industry related information to chapters.
  • Promote and administer award programs assigned to this committee.
  • Coordinate input to the Society from chapters on standards, publications, handbooks, and position papers/statements.
  • Coordinate chapter refrigeration activities to include refrigeration related PAOE, refrigeration programs, and awards.
  • Develop, maintain and distribute a regional speakers' list for use by each local chapter in the region in the development of chapter programs.
  • Facilitate program planning guidelines, evaluations, and improvement opportunities for chapters.
  • Assist CTTC Chairs with the reporting of PAOE in accordance with the current Presidential PAOE Newsletter.
  • Attend regional Chapters Regional Conference and present the workshop on CTTC. Support the development of CRC technical sessions.
  • Promote continuing education activities at the chapter level such as ASHRAE developed programs, post secondary educational programs, and chapter or industry sponsored seminars.
  • Liaison with educational and technical related groups within ASHRAE, as appropriate, to promote technology transfer to the chapters.
  • This committee shall develop procedures for recommending updates to the Strategic Plan on a continuous basis. As a minimum the Committee shall submit a report to Members Council at a time determined by the Planning Committee. The report includes the current status of each activity which supports the fulfillment of the Committee’s assignments under the strategic plan. The Committee shall report to the Council all recommendation for changes to the Strategic Plan as provided by the Committee’s constituents prior to the Annual Meeting.

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