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California BSC Bulletin 17-04

Newsletter Article 2017-12

California Assembly Bill 802

Newsletter Article 2017-11

City of San Mateo Local Amendment

Newsletter Article 2017-11

City of San Mateo Local Amendment

Newsletter Article 2017-10

What is GGAC?

GGAC is an ASHRAE committee that educates local, state, provincial, and national government bodies and officials in areas of interest to ASHRAE members. 

1. Advocate - Promote ASHRAE's Public Policy Priorities in government. Encourage energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and public safety. 

2. Educate - Reach out to public officials and introduce them to ASHRAE as a resource in public policy. 

3. Inform - Keep all members informed of the latest code and upcoming bills that will affect them.

To become a part of the GGAC committee, reach out to the GGAC Chair at ASHRAE's technical meetings.

To sign up for ASHRAE Government Affairs Action Alerts, or to find more information on ASHRAE and GGAC, go to ASHRAE’s Government Affairs.


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